Friday, September 25, 2009

ZenTiger It's not carbon trade - it's carbon tax

At the most basic level, free trade has done much for civilizations. It gives people a reason to work towards peace rather than war. Free trade provides opportunity and with opportunity flows prosperity.

Governments regulate free trade so they can take a cut on the value of the trade and ensure reasonable standards (minimise unethical behaviour and prevent collateral damage). Those reasons are, in moderation, right and proper. Sometimes though governments interfere with trade simply because they are driven by other ideologies. Ones that do not connect trade with prosperity, but simply sees trade as unfair transfers of wealth on the backs of underpaid labour and incorrectly priced resources. Rather than looking at the terms of the trade though, some come to see trade itself as the great evil. Anyway, no time to go on a rant down that particular path.

Carbon "Trading" is really just carbon taxing, a new way for government to overly command and control what helps Nations prosper. Watch as the world leaders get together to promise a new era of trade, one where tax and regulation becomes the commodity, at the expense of creating real wealth. Watch protectionism soar, under the guise of this carbon taxing and the damage that will do to economies. No doubt, such damage will justify an increase in the same measures.

How will they get away with this nonsense? It's all in the pitch. Their mantra is designed to obscure this latest assault on a fundamental right of people to associate and trade with one and other: "We do it to control the weather. It is for your own good."

In the old days, it was "Your money OR your life". Now they want both.

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