Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lucia Emission Trading Tribute Scam

IN times gone past, conquered nations would have to pay sometimes quite exorbitant tributes to their conquerors. Probably in exchange for being mostly left alone after being conquered. In current times, that tribute will translate to tax. I suppose we should be thankful we are not being asked to offer up our first born.

Which brings me to the emissions trading scheme which seems to be the world's biggest con going on right now. Who exactly have we been conquered by and what are they going to do to us if we don't pay?

What's interesting is how the public is starting to become aware of the massive price increases coming for no apparent purpose and how the man on the street is going to react to that. At least if we were conquered by an invader who demanded our money, it could be seen to be going somewhere reasonable. But in this case ... where's it going?

Public to pay the tab for polluters ~ Stuff

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ZenTiger said...

All hail our bureaucratic overlords, who collect taxes to build bigger, transnational bureaucracies and fund the wealthy by share trading on the weather rather than mere businesses.

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