Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Andrei An exercise in utter futility

This is a TVNZ picture, ie taken by State Owned media of Greenpeace wackos boarding a ship to stop it going about its lawful business of landing stock food in New Zealand.

There actually no point trying to reason with these morons - the stock food in question is Palm Kernel Extract (PKE) which is the residue after Palm Oil is extracted from the fruit of Elaeis guineensis.

Indeed the majority of PKE is burned, in situ as it has little economic worth.

But entrepreneurial types in the third world developed a market for it as stock food, thus providing additional revenue to the under developed (UN speak for poor) regions where Palm Oil is grown.

Make no mistake about it, the reason why these cretins are doing this is not because PKE wrecks the planet. It is rather that these spoiled brats hate free enterprise and entrepreneurship, most especially when it has the potential to raise the poor from a state of poverty.

Its a crying shame that the penalty for piracy on the high seas, which is what this amounts to, is no longer hanging in chains - If we dealt to a few of these greenpeace wackos that way then the world should be able go about international commerce without further interference from these dolts and poverty in the third world might be reduced.

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PM of NZ said...

'hanging in chains'

Already halfway there.

The immediate problem could be solved if the anchor was suddenly 'slipped'. 10m or so would be enough.

Alternatively bringing the anchor aboard up through the hawsepipe would simlarly solve the issue.

The ondeck boatswain could always plead ignorance. 'What protestor? I did not see or hear one!'

Only problem is that Joe Activist would be an instant martyr for the cause.

Lucia Maria said...

Apparently the protesters have provisions and they haven't been removed yet.

Surely it wouldn't be too difficult to take their provisions and wait them out. There's only so long that they can go without water, after all.

MK said...

It'd be nice if these ships were armed with surface to surface missiles, so approaching scum could be terminated on sight, saving them the trouble, saving the NZ taxpayer in welfare payments and medical expenses for treating their crack habit and also providing much needed food for the sharks of our great oceans.

Sean said...

Good post Andrei. To be honest I've been a bit 'off' with some of your views recently, but this one is a goodie. To the point and informed.

KayLi said...

PKE is just a waste by-product, not one millimetre of land is cleared for planting it!

Here's the article:

Greenpeace ought to get their facts right before engaging in such stunts.

Yep you're right PM.. the problem would've been solved immediately if the anchor had slipped

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