Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lucia Michael Laws on Politics in NZ

Michael Laws has written a very interesting opinion piece in today's Sunday Star Times, on how the real battle lines in politics are not in the right vs left spectrum, but fought on liberal vs conservative lines.

Of course, this is something that yours truly figured out a number of years back and hence the title of this blog. But to have a political commentator bring this way of thinking out into the mainstream - this is is good, very good. Because once what is happening politically is identified as liberal vs conservative, liberals will not be able to hide behind either aspect of the spectrum. Their activities will be more out in the open. It will be more obvious that voting in a different Government doesn't stop the liberal advance, because liberals are strong in the whole spectrum of economic politics.

Anyway, Michael, if you're getting a hammering now, you haven't seen anything yet. Identifying yourself as a conservative either gets you ignored or jumped on from all sides. But then, I have a feeling you're up for it, if the recent battles are anything to go by.

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DaveB said...

While libertarians sit bemused thinking they're both nuts and why can't we just be left to decide for ourselves what to do

ZenTiger said...

That's been tried before, and the cheese got left on the bench and went off, and yer mum still had to wash your undies.

Redbaiter said...

Laws is wrong. Its Conservatives and Progressives. Liberals, real or pseudo, are a sub-group.

..and Dave, who the hell cares what Libertarians do or think? Immature, posing, and politically confused losers.

scrubone said...

Yes, after reading some of the stuff Trevor over at New Zeal it struck me how if you scratch liberals hard enough, you find all sorts of connections to communism and histories of wanting to overthrow society by violent force.

Most conservatives by contrast get into politics via the local bowling club or young farmers where the main topic is how to get more grass to grow in a field.

ZenTiger said...

Interesting comment Redbaiter. Feel like a guest post defining the progressive?

ZenTiger said...

Or should they really be called "regressive"?

Maybe this is an example: Give that man a beer.

Redbaiter said...

Thanks for the kind offer Zen. I'm under a bit of pressure at the moment and would find the necessary solitude and reflective mood difficult to achieve. Maybe later.

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