Thursday, September 3, 2009

ZenTiger Modern Day Heroes

Working undercover to rescue children from sex abuse, Robert Earle saw things that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

Posing as a child-sex tourist for four years, from Cambodia to Mexico, the New Zealand Police human rights investigator rescued hundreds of women and children from forced prostitution.

"At the time I loved it, I felt honoured to be able to carry children as young as five years old from brothels, who were being sold to US sex tourists," said Mr Earle, who, because he remains undercover, would not give his real name.

"In hindsight it took a toll on me that wasn't apparent at the time ... but when you're there you don't see it as `human trafficking', you see it as a five-year-old girl called Yao who was being raped every day for profit, and you're able to take her away from that."
Give that man a medal. And don't get me started on just how hard we need to stomp down on these places, and their "customers".

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libertyscott said...

Indeed, this is excellent work. I'd like to see someone pursue that over here, for the trafficked women and girls from eastern Europe/former USSR. The awful (but excellent depiction) film Lilya 4-ever shows how despicable it all is.

Sadly, whilst Western sex tourists are put off south east Asia, there remains a roaring trade in local men using children - they are not easily targeted for bribes. However, first things first, if the foreign hard currency can be dissuaded it should reduce the supply.

muz said...

I consider the last 3 words the key. the disgusting maggots who always hold the position that there is nothing WRONG with their perverted view of sex with children almost change my stance on capital punishment. Imprisonment with no parole until their wretched heart stops beating I can live with.

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