Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lucia Contraceptive Climate Thoughts

In order to reduce undesirable population, the Communists of old either worked people to death, used them as cannon fodder or just starved them. Today's Communists are far more sneaky.

We are told that there are too many people on the planet, that it's doomed unless we do something. Such as pay more tax and reduce our population via contraceptive means. Voluntarily of course. At this point.

We are told that health costs too much. Not everyone can get the treatment they want. Except abortion, there's always enough money for abortion. And free condoms. But real health spending costs too much. There's always a crisis in health. Not enough money for government health systems, too many patients want too much treatment. Not enough beds, never mind that health bureaucrats most likely outnumber doctors, in a sense helping create the crisis in the first place.

We are told there will be too many old people for the younger generations to support, that in the future government superannuation will either bankrupt the country or will eventually disappear. Too many old people needing too much money and healthcare, the subtext being that old people are a drain on the economy. And the economy must be reduced to save the planet.

For the gain has to be financial, in order to be worth doing. Old people just cost money, and the older they get, the more useless they are.

Children are useless too. They cost money and time to raise and take up their parents valuable time and make it difficult for their mothers to work. Far better to prevent too many from being born. That way the earth can be saved from climate change, and those who are young and healthy can enjoy it's bounty in the future. And people are always going to have children anyway. Just not too many.

Better spread the idea that children should be wanted and planned for. But don't mention the need for married parents, and be very quiet on the recent realisation that planned children are more likely to be abused. Just increase government intervention in this area.

Except, that if not too many are born, who is going to pay for all the old people?

Darned old people, using up scarce resources. Each one contributing to climate change, thus dooming us all. If only they would die quicker, but they seem to be living longer instead.

There is a way of reducing the old people - getting them to voluntarily euthanise themselves, or have their loved ones euthanise them. It needs to be sold as a solution to a problem - the problem being suffering. Suffering is undesirable, therefore death is the best solution if a person's suffering is too much for them to bear. Or too much for someone else to bear.

And in the meantime, as society is not quite ready for the idea of old people killing themselves for the common good, government health care services will do it for them. Under the guise of preventing suffering speeding up the inevitable.
According to a new report, more than a quarter of U.K. families are not told when their loved ones are taken off of life support, reports the Daily Mail. Researchers from the Royal College of Physicians and the Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute in Liverpool conducted an audit of 4,000 patients put on the Liverpool Care Pathway, the end-of-life care plan that has brought 'slow' euthanasia into Britain through the back door.

The Pathway, approved by the National Health Service (NHS), allows doctors to deny "treatment," including food and water, to patients they deem incurable and put them in continuous deep sedation until they die. According to the Daily Mail, this protocol is used in 300 hospitals and 560 care homes across the country.

According to the report, 28 percent of the patients' relatives were not told that their loved one had been put on the pathway. In fact, doctors are not required by law to consult patients' families - Britain's 2005 Mental Capacity Act has given them the power to make decisions on behalf of patients who they deem mentally incapable without requiring them to heed the wishes of patients' families. Social services and police have even been called to intervene in certain cases where families attempt to save the lives of their loved ones.
Might also have the other positive effect of ensuring that old people don't try to get into the hospital when they are sick, just in case someone kills them early. Brilliant!

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MK said...

The hatred of humanity and human life runs quite deep in the progressive movement, it's not in all of them, but it's there to some degree in most of them.

Ross said...

An observation of human history is that those who fail to reproduce are generally suppressed or enslaved by those that do. If we were to actually take the advice of those whose hatred of their own culture and inheritance runs deep, then all we would succeed in doing is leaving the lands and infrastructure of western civilization to those that are reproducing in large numbers - namely the Muslim and the Indians.

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