Sunday, September 6, 2009

ZenTiger Greens and mercury and nuclear waste

Green MP Sue Kedgley, said "There is no safe level of exposure to mercury."

And yet there obviously is safe levels of exposure, because the mercury contained in CFL light bulbs is, according to Sue, apparently safe, even if broken around children (an occurrence not uncommon in a child's bedroom).

So I agree with Sue's first statement, that there is no safe level of exposure to mercury. I disagree with her second press release that there is a safe level of exposure to mercury. Maybe one day, they will campaign against CFLs?

Meanwhile, some 50,000 protesters including many Greens are protesting in Germany against nuclear energy. Seems that the government may not be in a position to mothball the nuclear power plants by 2020. Any such switch will also imperil Germany's committment to reducing greenhouse gases. Seems that nuclear could be the new clean green - but this is a price too high for many. Maybe they need to refuse to use any form of energy whatsoever as a protest? Just imagine 50,000 people making do without, even before they are forced to by their own policies? Now that would send a message worth noticing.

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Ozy Mandias said...

It is not to high a price for me. I have lived in the UK twice. The first in Somerset for a year and I lived about 5miles from a Nuclear Power station. The second time I lived in Scotland where I lived around 3miles from a Nuclear Power Station. Excellent fishing and I used to go running around it weekly.
It hasn't affected me that much. Although people that know me or read my blog may differ!!!
Maybe that is why my eye sight is so bad???

MK said...

It'd be real swell if all these greenie scumbags could move into caves and live in darkness, but they won't, they want the rest of us to do so.

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