Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Andrei The world's a noisy place - get used to it

Little Marcus isn't using a click track to synchronize his drumming in the picture to the left.

No - those things over his ears aren't headphones, they are ear muffs to protect his hearing from the "excessive noise" he is making.

This picture comes from one of those "you have got to be kidding me!" type articles.

This one has the headline "Preschoolers suffer from excessive noise - survey"

What I don't get is how generations of Kids have survived preschool without maximum noise level limits being set and protocols for monitoring of them to ensure that they are adhered to in place as recommended in the article.

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KG said...

Rule#1: Nanny will always find excuses to meddle in people's lives.

Psycho Milt said...

The survey of 65 early childhood centres found 20 per cent of children were so distressed by noise they put their hands over their ears or cried.

I certainly felt like putting my hands over my ears or crying when visiting the childcare centre my kids went to. Same applied to birthday parties at my or other people's houses. It's due to a noise-generating phenomenon known as "children playing," and is an occupational hazard of having multiple children in one place.

Many centres have welcomed the idea of meters to enable teachers to monitor and manage noise levels.

Yeah - you know, I found that the built-in noise monitors known as "ears" proved generally satisfactory in advising me when noise levels were high. Maybe the childcare centres could advertise for some teachers who have these "ears?"

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