Thursday, February 23, 2012

Andrei 5 4 3 2 1 - O U T R A G E

Rosemary McLeod writes about a "man" who has had a baby and another who has had three. She expresses what everybody thinks but might not dare to say.

And right on cue - one of those posts where only the party line will be tolerated, to speak the truth is to be transphobic.

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KG said...

Sigh..perhaps somebody who despises The Hand Mirror is "idiotphobic"?

I.M Fletcher said...

I left several comments there at Hand Mirror, which of course have been deleted. I see they have a group protesting today called the Queer Avengers (really?). I'm imagining Hulk in a pink tutu and Thor with braids...

Andrei said...

I left several comments there at Hand Mirror, which of course have been deleted

Well color me surprised.

When confronted by the real world the left reacts by putting their fingers in their ears and SHOUTING Nya nya can't hear you!

scrubone said...

It's cases like these which lead to the coining of the phrase "the silent majority".

scrubone said...

My contribution:

"Protesting against someone pointing out the rather obvious facts of biology?

And modern feminists wonder why they're such a fringe group!"

Deletion in 3 2 1....

I.M Fletcher said...

scrubone, indeed. Below is my deleted comment -

In reality there are only two genders - male and female, (apart from hermaphrodites - those unfortunate enough to be born with both sexual organs).

The other "genders" are purely a human invention, designed to authenticate the sexual proclivities any person or group may have.

It's like me coming up with another primary color and saying that there are now four primary colors, not three, just because I say so. It doesn't change the scientific fact that there will only ever be three primary colors.


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