Sunday, February 19, 2012

Andrei Tilting at windmills

Defence counsel John O'Connell said Phillips had been responsive to sentences imposed in the past and would be available to attend a medium intensity rehabilitation programme. He did not have an extensive list of dishonesty convictions
It must be hard to be a lawyer for recidivist offenders, trying to find something to use in mitigation for their latest anti-social incident.

The Phillips in this quote is one Martin John Phillips, who when picked up for driving under the influence managed to get himself charged and convicted in the name of his flatmate.

Who continued to work as a truck driver and drive, blissfully unaware he was a "disqualified" driver.

He only became aware of it when he tried to obtain finance for a new car.

Be that as it may, this Martin John Phillips has a long history of offending which might suggest that he has not been responsive to "sentences imposed in the past".

He got nine months but the law being the law cannot apparently be made to wear the penalty for the original offense.

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