Thursday, February 23, 2012

Andrei Feminist clowns

“What they did is of course a disgrace, but it is a legal disgrace.

It is Maslenitsa(1) now.

It is a time of buffoonery and turning things upside down. In the times of Peter the Great such pranks were the order of the day then (or, the order of Maslenitsa week).

If I was a sacristan of this cathedral, I would give them some pancakes, a cup of mead, and asked them to come back for forgiveness Sunday(2). And if I was a layman, then I would also pinch them a little at our parting… as a father. To make them wiser.”

- Archdeacon Andrei Kurayev

Holy things are a challenge for the spiritually unwise - their impurity stands out more starkly against a backdrop of sanctity, which is something intellectually challenged attention seekers find irresistible.

(1) The week before Lent, Carnival.

(2) Sunday immediately preceding Lent - which is next Sunday

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