Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Andrei How the tail wags the dog

The White House is apologizing for the burning of some Korans in Afghanistan by the US military.
A Western military official said the Korans were removed from a library at a nearby detention centre because they contained extremist messages. Carney did not address those specifics, referring questions to defence officials.
Of course the correct way to dispose of something that is Holy is to burn it. Well so I have been taught. Thus a worn out Bible or an Icon that has faded should be burned and not put out with the trash.

Be that as it may the question arises how did the burning of these Korans become widely known to the excitable Afghan populace - somebody must have made a point of telling them and of stirring them up - no?

And we get images of outraged crowds shouting "Death to America" followed by the obligatory eating of crow.

Nobody apologizes when pages of the Bible are used as toilet paper as has happened in the ME and nobody riots over it either - indeed such thing barely make the pages of the media.

Funny old world

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Right Wing Theocrat said...

This is why the west will not win this war being waged upon us, we don't understand the enemy and its lifeblood. Eventually the west will tire of that dump and leave; and within months it'll go back to being the same old barbaric and savage dump it always was.

And to pour salt on the wound, some ignorant buffoon in the west will squawk that - see even American couldn't defeat the hardened afghanis.

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