Thursday, February 16, 2012

Andrei The "who is this young man" challenge

Nine young men - they all have something in common can you identify it?

And can you name them.

Young man 1

Young man 2

Young man 3

Young man 4


Young man 5

Young man 6

Young man 7

Young man 8


Young man 9

I've updated this post to include one more young man to give it a completeness it didn't quite have in its original form.

It might help make the point of it all more clearly

4 comment(s):

PM of NZ said...

4. Gerald Ford
6. Jimmy Carter

All Presidents should have served in the military!

I.M Fletcher said...

If they are Presidents, does that make No 8, George Bush senior?

I.M Fletcher said...

Had to laugh at Obama one time during a speech pronouncing 'Corpsmen' as "corpse men"

kowtow said...

1 Nixon
3 Reagan
4 ford
6 Carter
7 jf kennedy
8 Bush snr

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