Friday, February 10, 2012

Andrei Evil

Evil is an unfashionable word. And Satan might be jolly good fun, a harmless clownish character.

Of course Satan might not be so funny when met face to face - the laughter dies then.

This pair of fools seek to offer up for our titillation and amusement an unsuspecting spouse being told live on air that they are to be divorced.

We will be able to hear the reaction of somebody who, on Valentines day, learns their world has suddenly crumbled and their life as they know it is to be turned upside down.

Funnier than bear baiting and cat burning put together.

You can listen and laugh along if you like but I wont be and that is a certainty.

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KG said...

Morons who neither understand nor respect the sanctity (and importance) of marriage.
"Disgust" is too mild a word...

XChequer said...

I, for one, won't be listening. I have on occasion listened to these two as there was a certain amount of humour however this is a line too far.

If the promotion is true, I couldn't think of anything worse than the dissolution of someone's life unfolding in public for all to see. It's so bad, I just can't believe it's true. Who in their right mind would do this to someone?

I hope kiwis boycott this station as this is not what kiwi's stand for.

scrubone said...

An old codger years back pointed out that to me that there's fun, and there's sick fun.

Sick fun is when you get your laughs at someone else's expense.

One wonders if they went to extra lengths to work out just how to hurt someone, or whether they're just too stupid to care that they're being sadistic.

kowtow said...


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