Monday, February 27, 2012

Andrei Pandering to the base

This will tickle the fancy of hard core National Supporters: New work rules for sole parents

The devil is in the details of course
New laws requiring beneficiaries with children to look for work will be introduced next month.
If work can't be found despite looking what then, my friends, what then?

This is a structural and cultural problem.

The solution does not lie in reforming the welfare system and never will. These efforts are just window dressing - which may at most inflict hardship on a few, to the joy no doubt of the usual suspects if they hear about it, but do not a thing to address the real underlying problems.

But the Government has neither the will nor the nous to really address what needs to be addressed.

Which is sad.

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I, Beth said...

Yes, this is all a bit crazy and yet again hinting at the 'Nanny State' truths that National may have hidden from us....


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