Friday, February 3, 2012

Andrei The English clergy are revolting

Nearly 100 clergy revolt over Church ban on 'gay weddings'.

They are not in revolt against the Government of course - no actually they want to follow the agenda of the rabid secular - silly muppets.

Of course back in the days when the Anglican Church came into being because the Church wouldn't allow old Henry the VIIIth to divorce his wife some the Clergy and laity did protest his actions. They held a protest march (and occupy movement, funnily enough) - it was called "The Pilgrimage of Grace".

In those days protesting (and occupying) carried a far greater risk than just being bundled into a paddy wagon in front of the TV cameras, if that.

Indeed some of the leaders of the "Pilgrimage of Grace" protest movement suffered the indignity of having their genitals cut off and burned before having their intestines similarly removed and burned - all before their dying eyes.

Sobering thought.

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MK said...

Why don't they just leave the church and form their own, one where they can marry all sorts of people.

Oh wait, that's not enough is it. Must push and shove everyone else into their line.

scrubone said...

Hm, now that you mention it, I can't think of a single instance where a liberal group has broken off and formed their own church. I know of plenty of believers, but liberals always seem to want to take over something that's already been built by the faithful.

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