Saturday, February 11, 2012

Andrei Herbivore men

The title of this post is a Japanese term, Sōshokukei-danshi, which I am told literally translates as grass eating men.

But what it refers to is a noticeable social phenomena where young Japanese men are not interested in pursuing young women and for whom the effort of courtship is just not worth it!

And this is a big problem, Japan is approaching the point where one in four Japanese will soon be over sixty-five. The latest number is 22.6% of all Japanese are now over sixty-five and this number is increasing and will continue to do so.

And as it does more of the Nations resources have to go to the old and leaving less to go to the young.

This is a death spiral.

And although we are blissfully unaware we are in the same death spiral and we have our own herbivore men.

Let's be blunt here the modern New Zealand miss might not be that great prize for a man to chase and win. And the modern New Zealand male has not been bought up steeped with masculine virtue so he might not be that great a prize either.

And for both the chase and courtship can be short and not particularly sweet - the prize a quick and sweaty grope perhaps in a night club's toilets, perhaps somewhere just a little more romantic - the man's penis suitably encased in condom our cultural leaders hope and have taught indoctrinated from early age.

After multiple such encounters with multiple partners and in these enlightened times perhaps multiple genders, there being at least seven but perhaps even more possible genders by the reckoning of our educated classes, the whole thing looses its charm and becomes the biggest nothing of all.

We live in a degraded and debased culture my friends, overly sexualized and grotesque, so much so we barely notice and our kids are actually loosing interest in sex(1), which means they are also loosing interest in forming strong bonds with the opposite sex and procreating.

A culture that is in its death spiral.

(1) Sex education is premised upon the idea that people cannot control their urges and that failure to do so is inevitable.

You would think that as the rate of unmarried pregnancy continues to rise the failure of this approach would be become apparent but no the intensity of the programs just increase justified by the abysmal failure of previous incarnations.

And it is a repulsive image of love that is presented, fell diseases await including a terrible disease unplanned pregnancy a child being not a blessing but a curse but curable by "terminating" it.

The idea that entering adulthood means the wooing and the winning of a spouse with whom to raise a family is entirely absent. Or that this might be the most important aspect of your life and that making the right choice, one who will predicate your future well being and happiness, is vital.

And that being a good choice yourself is also of the utmost importance in the winning the right spouse and all things attendant on how to be a great prize yourself are never touched upon.

The only thing that ever matters are your "rights" and never your responsibilities, least of all your responsibilities to yourself

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