Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Andrei Uninspiring

It's been quiet around here today.

For me a large portion of it has been spent with a view that has been more or less the same as the picture to the left.

Such things might give you a different perspective on life, I suppose.

Whether or not JFK's peccadilloes of fifty years ago are important in the scheme of things as they are today I couldn't say.

They are not important to me right now.

Update: Quite bizarrely a comment on Kiwiblog holds me accountable for JFK's sins.

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ZenTiger said...

Ah yes, the old "how dare Roman Catholics say anything about adultery when JFK was an adulterous Roman Catholic"

As I said on Kiwiblog:

JFK’s actions were so typical of people named John.

And so typical of men.

And so typical of Americans.

And so typical of Democrats.

And so typical of politicians.

And so typical of Roman Catholics.

According to your own biases, of course.

scrubone said...

Some really weird comments on that thread!

But not unexpected in a world that blames religion for "poisoning everything" - a phrase invented by people who seem to have no idea of the christian origins of so many of the good things (hospitals for example) that we have today.

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