Friday, February 24, 2012

Andrei Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless lives a comfortable life - way more comfortable than 99.9% of the people who she shares this planet with - I'd say of that there is little doubt.

So how does she use her position of privilege.

She interferes with the ability of other people to go about their lawful business creating wealth, wealth that would raise the standard of living for others, although not to the levels this that air headed woman enjoys to be sure.

What should happen here is this silly woman should be made to pay the port fees, wages and running costs for the ship she is delaying for the period for which it is delayed.

And that my friends would not be small change but it would be justice.

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kowtow said...

And the media insist on calling these thugs who are engaged in what must amount to criminal behaviour as "activists".

Anonymous said...

For my two bobs worth.
The ship should sail at midnight tonight leaving Lawless and her half wits up the rig for the next week.

KG said...

She had great legs. Pity about the brain.....

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