Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Andrei Something is puzzling me

I have lived through a bit of history now.

There has never been a time in my life when there has not been a "trouble spot" somewhere in the world.

Right now the one exercising everybody's mind is Syria and the commentariat is calling for intervention.

And yet in 1991 when Iraq invaded Kuwait and intervening happened the very same commentariat was dead against it as it was when George W Bush toppled the late and unlamented Saddam Hussein.

Can anyone explain why when George W Bush intervened in Iraq the howls of outrage went up but now Obama isn't intervening in Syria a lot of the same people are saying he should be?

Could it be the a little matter of whether a "R" or a "D" follow their name makes all the difference in perspective?

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KG said...

"Could it be the a little matter of whether a "R" or a "D" follow their name makes all the difference in perspective?"
Nah, couldn't possibly be. "Progressives" and their media propagandists are inherently moral you see, so there must be some other reason......

I.M Fletcher said...

The mainstream media are very much of the Left and have always carried water for Obama. I notice that the GOP candidates have begun fighting back though - not following the narrative the media wants but asking the questions the media should have asked about Obama - eg, here is Gingrich asking why the media did not ask about Obama's pro-abortion stance in 2008 about partial birth abortions.

We need more people like this asking the tough questions about Obama instead of just letting the media get away with letting everything Obama does just slide.

Here's Gingrich again saying that Obama is the most dangerous president in US history because of his appeasement of the enemy -

kowtow said...

Yes it is as simple as R and D.

Remember the glee the international media had at the shoe thrower and Bush?
I came across this the other day,maybe you've covered it before. I' like to know why this claim of Obamas' didn't get the same treatment that Bush did.

Kathleen Blake said...

Because the ones with the D at the end of their names are weenies when it comes to middle east trouble. The ones with the R at the end of their name have the cajones to get the job done at least in that respect.

Anonymous said...

This is the hypocricy of the left. Case in point: marraige has such dimminished importance, theat most don't even bother. Husband, wife, and spouse are seldom mentioned in favor of the more ambivilent term "partner".
When two same sex want to get together, they have to be "married".

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