Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Andrei Re creating man in Hollywood's image

Every single one of us is the product of the sexual union of one man with one woman - it has ever been this way.

It doesn't really matter how this union takes place when it comes to conceiving a child - rape is just as effective in this regard as a warm embrace in a loving mutually supporting heterosexual relationship.

But rape is bad, morally wrong and cruel so we condemn it and severely punish the perpetrators while conversely since children are a necessity if we are to continue as a people we support and foster the growth of warm, loving, fruitful, heterosexual relationships (or did until very recently) in an institution which we call marriage.

A group of vapid, over privileged people who do not want to be part of the normal everyday hoi polloi think that marriage should include same sex couples thus rewriting its foundational purpose to suit their vanity.

In California the hoi polloi felt this was wrong and went to the ballot box, twice, to try and ensure the bubbleheads did not rewrite the venerable institution of marriage to suit their whimsies.

But alas the people who struggle in day to day toil to raise and feed their children do not have the resources, bully pulpits or time that the vapid elite do.

So a homosexual judge was identified, one who would be sympathetic with the cause and to his court the challenge to the voice of the people went - where to nobody's great surprise it was found to be "unconstitutional" since the process had been stacked to ensure this outcome.

Then to a higher court it was taken because the people were not ready to give up yet and again it was found that the peoples views on this matter were "unconstitutional".

But the courts may play along with celebrity culture and money but what no court can ever acheive no matter how much the vacant screech and whine about their right to a cake with two male dolls on top (or two female dolls) at a glitzy party is the ability for these unions to be fruitful.

They are just empty shams for a decadent people

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Anonymous said...

There have been continuous efforts to normalize the anomilous. This is just one more example. There have been other examples; population control, deindustrialization, collectivism, social responsability...
If you look at where all this leads to, check out "Fabian socialism". Startaling similarities, not to say that Fabianism is responsable for all these.
At one time this ideology would have been an apostacy, yet now is gaining traction due mostly to apathy.

James said...

Andrei...learn some damn history about has never been "traditional" in your sense of the term.In fact all possible combo's..both Gay and straight have been considered "Traditional" at some point in time...and endorsed by the Bible and by the Church.

Andrei said...

Where do you come up with this nonsense from James?

I don't know what makes something "traditional" but I do know the service that was used when I was married is about 1700 years old and it is quite explicit as to being something between a man and a women and that one of its major purposes is having lots of children - which is considered to be a very good thing and a blessing if it happens.

kowtow said...

Talking of Hollywood i came across this a wee while ago.

Andrei said...

That is an interesting link Kowtow.

It makes sense to me

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