Friday, February 3, 2012

Andrei But, will it ever happen?

I wonder how sales of Richard Prosser's book are going?

Can't have hurt matters that he upset some of the usual suspects with his blunt talk. All rather predictable really.

A funny thing about Kiwi culture is that people love dressing up - in a fancy dress party sense, not in a night at the opera sense. There are some wonderful pictures on Stuff of people dressed as plastic toy soldiers, buckets of popcorn, smurfs and so forth. The occasion for this is the Rugby Sevens so it seems.

Well as it happens some of those upset over the words in the book are planning a protest, a dress up protest - with pigtails!

Which might be a lot more pleasing to the eye than the "LMFAO fans" as they appeared in costume at the sevens tournament I'd say (You will have to scoll through to find their portrait - no great hardship, there is much to take in on the way)

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