Monday, February 13, 2012

Andrei On things that matter drowned out by those that don't

Who would have ever known it?

This week is International Marriage Week, which started yesterday apparently.

I found out about it here.

Some people are putting a lot of effort into redefining marriage, making it into something it is not and never will be.

And tomorrow is St Valentines day, a day of Chocolates, Flowers and Hearts, a day celebrating a sweet sickly vision of love and a retailers dream. And a vision that fits in OK with the marriage redefiners narratives quite well.

I'm not one for these zzzz days or yyyy weeks really, they usually wash right over me as various causes and agendas vie for attention and usually money.

However Marriage is a fundamental and very good thing for both individuals and for society as a whole so its worthwhile bring this to everybody's attention. And hopefully help restore that which we are rapidly loosing.

And for inspiration scenes from an Old Believers wedding, a holy thing, to a background score of Enya

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