Friday, February 17, 2012

Andrei The English version of Sharia strengthens its hold on public life.

Christians who want to be exempt from equality legislation are like Muslims trying to impose sharia on Britain, Trevor Phillips, the human rights watchdog, has declared.
Trevor Phillips lays out a 21st century Englishman's values as plain as plain can be.

Object to any thing legislated in the name of "equality" and you are equivalent to an Islamic radical seeking to impose sharia.

What this goes to show is the utter vapidity of modern Englishmen.

Call me old fashioned but you cannot make male/male or female/female pairings to be in any way equalivalent to the time honoured male/female union with the stroke of the legislators pen.

To be sure you can use the power of the courts to bully people into submission as happened to 72 year old Peter Bull and his wife Rosemary but that does not make black white.

This is actually the secular version of sharia at work, not freedom of conscience - which is a fundamental tenet of Christianity funnily enough.

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KG said...

"This is actually the secular version of sharia at work,.."

Which is what the scumbag Phillips is all about. He has form for this sort of thing. The man is overtly racist and anti-English. That Cameron has left him (and his office) in place demonstrates just how little separates the Brit Labour Party and the so-called Conservative Party.

Andrei said...

I wonder if his ancestors were at Waterloo KG? I do wonder so.

KG said...

Heh! I don't.....

KG said...

Mine were at Agincourt and Waterloo, and I'm pretty confident they'd have known how to deal with such a creature. ;)

kowtow said...

This equality thing is just another weapon to attack and destroy traditional values and beliefs.

It is also a sham.Western governments claim to want equality. Example; women in the police or military.
The physical entry requirements for women are lower than those for males.How is that equality?

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