Tuesday, April 23, 2013

ZenTiger 9 Out Of 10 Taleban Prefer to be Killed By An Atheist

Christian symbols from an army chapel on base in Afghanistan were removed after an American atheist soldier complained.

He didn't like the cross markings on a door and claimed it made him feel like a second class citizen. (He's probably the type of guy that thinks Christian marriage isn't threatened by the existence of gay marriage, but these doors...)

I note though that all other doors on the base were marked with absolutely nothing - the sign of secular atheism.

In any case, the Army agreed: “It inflames this Muslim versus Christian mentality,”

Yes indeed, the army is working off the assumption that the Taleban will not be so inflamed if American soldiers are shooting to kill on an equal opportunity basis that stresses secular adherence and atheism.
 Go USA.

Story: Army removes crosses

The caption relates to a different story: Army Removes Bible Reference from Rifle Scopes. The enemy can now be killed in an non-denominational way. Glad we sorted that out.

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Anonymous said...

There are 3 types of lies - lies, damned lies and Christian lies.

Anyone who had even the most basic understanding of the US constitution would know that that religious symbolism is not permitted on military buildings. The "chapel" is not for the exclusive use of christians, it is a military facility available to all.

Christians are permitted to place their paraphernalia of worship, their images of death and blood lust during their allotted time for service, then they must be removed.

Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, et al also have the same rights and obligations.

Nothing to see here except the moans of those who want to create a Christian theocracy and are thwarted by the constitution they so claim to revere.

scrubone said...

Nothing to see here except the moans of those who want to create a Christian theocracy and are thwarted by the constitution they so claim to revere.

Ah yes, the old "it's in the constitution" bit.

I remember reading the constitution, but I don't recall anything about army chapels having to have no symbols outside of their hours of service.

And I do love the deliberate referencing of ancient libels - very liberal of you.

ZenTiger said...

Atheists seem so very touchy on this subject. You can scrub and clean and wash your hands, but your intolerance will never wash off.

This post was to note the "excuses" offered by the army, who didn't say "we broke our own rules", they instead said they didn't want to incite the Muslims, thus my post title. It's a pity truth isn't valued in this new secular humanist world.

I also thought it was typical that the OPPOSITE reasoning on gay marriage was applied to the atheist's reason for complaining. He felt a lesser human being by the presence of a cross on a door. Probably can't handle garlic either. The poor man - do you think he thought the sun wouldn't rise if the cross wasn't removed?

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