Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ZenTiger Justice system accidentally convicts killer

SATIRE - Just barely.

I join in commiserations with the government today, who accidentally convicted a convicted murderer, in spite of trying to hide the information so he could continue to kill with impunity.

I think though that we have to view this unfortunate finding of "guilty" as an aberration, because many other criminals manage to rack up multiple convictions without actually having to spend time in jail, repay fines, or be restricted from further criminal activities. The numbers are actually huge, but of course, are private, protected and privileged information. Here is an actual quote to do with the case, which is apparently true, but hopefully will be redacted, censored and given name suppression before the public wise up:

Today, Christchurch police confirmed that they knew of McLaughlin's dark past, but were unable to tell anybody about it - even Jade's mother, Tina who had become worried about McLaughlin's behaviour after ending a four-week relationship with him just weeks before he killed her eldest child.

The story is worse than I portray, but this is not my last post on the subject.

Killers dark past accidentally revealed

The trend in the UK is the same. Crusader Rabbit points to the tip of the iceberg: British Justice

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