Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fletch 'The Bible' Mini-Series Big Seller

According to Breitbart, HBO’s mini-series The Bible has just gone on sale in the U.S on DVD and is the biggest selling mini-series in 5 years, and on blu-ray, the biggest ever. This is after huge viewer ratings on the television network itself.

The History Channel’s just-wrapped miniseries The Bible isn’t done changing the pop culture landscape quite yet.

The program’s ratings gave the cable channel a massive boost, holding firm against even the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Now, the miniseries’ home video debut has become the biggest selling TV on DVD in the last 5 years and the biggest miniseries of all time on Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD in its first week of release.

According to the Association for Christian Retail, The Bible is the fastest pre-selling faith based title in its 60-year history. It also ranked first across digital stores including iTunes, Amazon, VUDU, Xbox, PlayStation, CinemaNow, and GooglePlay.

That can’t be right, because no one is religious anymore or cares about The Bible right?

That’s what the media tell us.

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Andrei said...

LOL - they choose a thrice married 52 year old matron to play "Mother" Mary.

Well they didn't choose her really being a co producer along with her current husband she was a shoe in for the role.

Even funnier the "novelization" of the mini series "The Bible: A Story of God and All of Us," is a best seller apparently,

"Nobody ever went broke under estimating the intelligence of the American public" it is said.

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