Friday, April 19, 2013

ZenTiger Maori language is compulsory - or be killed!

Lucia wrote a post countering Willie Jackson's call to make the Maori language compulsory in schools. In essence, she said:
"I grew up bilingual. I also did very well at school, much to the surprise of many of my teachers....However, I would never call for learning any language to be made compulsory...When it comes down to it, the choice of a language ought to be decided by the parents, not by the State."

In response, this comment threat was left on our blog today:
"Fuck you ur such a racist bitch I'll stomp your face in u ugly dirt mouth rat I will shove a knife in ur sons throat and cut his lungs out so he can't speak like you."

Firstly, it should be very clear that Lucia's words are not racist.

Secondly, these are the words of a sick person. What kind of character acts like this? Who knows what other sorts of things he thinks he is permitted to do? Who knows what he will go on to do with his life? The newspapers are filled with stories of casual violence and brutality - is this young man on the same road?

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Lucia Maria said...

Just to let everyone know, I've temporarily disabled and hidden the comments on that thread so that the person who left the threat can't remove their own comment.

Psycho Milt said...

Not very clever of Mr Wards-Hemopo to be posting death threats under his real name, but I guess "clever" doesn't look to be his strong suit.

Oswald Bastable said...

That needs to go to the police. Threats to a persons kids are a line that should NEVER be crossed!

ZenTiger said...

Yes, I already know who he is, where he lives and what school he goes to.

He might want to consider coming back for a heart felt apology and an essay explaining WHY he thinks the post was racist (I'm interested to see his critical analysis skills) because I will be going to the Police, and if they cannot do anything substantial, then I will be likely to do much worse - get CYFS involved.

Marian said...

In some schools Maori language lessons have always been 'compulsory'. We were forced to learn Maori at school, when I was going to school, even in my school days back in the early and mid 1970s. Even in high school I went to. All 3rd Formers had to take Maori Language classes only. They weren'y allowed to take French or Spanish language classes. Both languages far more useful than new PC Maori which is now being taught.

So in fact nearly every school I attended in my school years in NZ. We had to learn some aspect of the Maori language and Myths, legends and culture. So Maori has always been way catered for in the NZ Education system.

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