Friday, April 26, 2013

Fletch Indoctrination Of The Young

The indoctrination of the young continues in America, as children in a girls school in New York were told to ask each other for a lesbian kiss and to pretend they were on a lesbian date, all as part of a "anti-bullying presentation".

Parents of children attending a Red Hook, New York, middle school are outraged after a recent anti-bullying presentation at Linden Avenue Middle School.

The workshop for 13 and 14-year-old girls focused on homosexuality and gender identity. They were also taught words such as "pansexual" and "genderqueer."

Parents say their daughters were told to ask one another for a kiss and they say two girls were told to stand in front of the class and pretend they were lesbians on a date.

"She told me, 'Mom we all get teased and picked on enough. Now I'm going to be called a lesbian because I had to ask another girl if I could kiss her,'" parent, Mandy Coon, told reporters.

Coon says parents were given no warning about the presentation and there was no opportunity to opt-out. Both the school principal and the district superintendent are defending the workshops and advising they will schedule more.

"The school is overstepping its bounds in not notifying parents first and giving us the choice," another parent said. "I thought it was very inappropriate. That kind of instruction is best left up to the parents."

"I was absolutely furious -- really furious," a parent who asked to remain anonymous told reporter Todd Starnes, "These are just kids. I'm dumbfounded that they found this class was appropriate."

Superintendent Paul Finch told The Poughkeepsie Journal the presentation was "focused on improving culture, relationships, communication and self-perceptions."

"We may require more notification to parents in the future," Finch said.

He claimed the sessions are required under the state Dignity for All Students Act, which prohibits harassment and bullying in the classroom.

Principal Katie Zahedi and guidance counselors at the middle school worked with Bard students to organize the workshops.
I am shuddering to think what kind of material will be imported into New Zealand school classrooms and libraries now that 'gay marriage' is legal. It is well worth concerned parents to keep an extra vigilant eye on what their children are being taught or exposed to.

I am sure NZ Conservative will keep up to date in reporting any stories of alleged homophobia and discrimination that arise after the new law is officially passed, and also the propagandising of children.

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Matthew said...

This is quite sad. But bear in mind that homeschooling is a very good option and not just for the good reason you've provided here.

ZenTiger said...

How ironic - one element that is supposed to be taught is to not go further than you want to, and here we see authority figures bullying children into performing non-consensual actions of intimacy.

It's quite shocking.

Isumbras said...

I'm confused... and if a Catholic Priest organized such a 'learning experience' in his classroom..... ?

ZenTiger said...

The idea of boundaries and age appropriateness has never sat well with such activists.

Isumbras said...

Indeed Zen, the younger the better for moulding (perverting) impressionable young minds.... just when you think it can't get worse 'they' submerge the goalposts even lower....

Psycho Milt said...

I am shuddering to think what kind of material will be imported into New Zealand school classrooms and libraries now that 'gay marriage' is legal.

Why? Was there some hitherto-unnoticed "gay sex education" clause included in the legislation?

ZenTiger said...

I doubt there was any such legislation in New York, it just requires *policy* and a belief that this kind of carry-on is totally appropriate.

As argued on the Hand Mirror, now that gay marriage is a reality, they actually want to see the education system step up a little. This is the kind of thing they probably meant.

Mind you, you should have seen what the boys had to do on their first "date".

I.M Fletcher said...

PM, just look at what happened when gay marriage was legalized in Massachusetts in 2003 as regards the pushing of the agenda by teachers, and the introduction of books into school libraries; even books aimed at kindergarten age children.


ZenTiger said...

Fletch, don't have it handy, but did you see the UK article about teaching kids porn is healthy?

Progressives are such idiots.

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