Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ZenTiger Craig in the kitchen

If Craig can't handle satire, he is unsuited to be a Party Leader.

And it seems like my choice of political parties that would be capable of representing my views is moving from near zero towards absolute zero.

I hope Craig can move the Conservative Party from being about him to being a full blown party, which could bring some balance and help enable common sense.

Another angle to this story

Update 26/4/13 - Maybe my initial impression above was wrong.
I'm having second thoughts: If a man brings a knife to a fight, bring a lawyer

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Lucia Maria said...

My opinion on this matter is coming in a blog post.

Tanya Stebbing said...

I don't get what the fuss is about. I am still voting for him, he's so upfront.

ZenTiger said...

Hi Tanya, a lot of the fuss will be the usual liberal manufactured outrage, as they seek to squash any potential party that might challenge their right to rule.

I'm not helping in that regard, but my comment is meant as a note that he's going to get a lot worse when the election gets closer, and he needs to be quick enough to navigate and deflect.

Secondly, I don't want to vote for "The Colin Craig Party", because that kind of party will ultimately crumble. He needs to forge a Conservative Party, or if he doesn't some-one else needs to.

Politics is a matter of timing. The time for a Conservative Party is coming. Hope there is a Party ready for it.

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