Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lucia National Politician Nikki Kaye needs to change her banner picture on Facebook

This is what you see when you first go to Nikki Kaye's FaceBook page:

Many of those young Scotts College boys will be clicking on Nikki's Facebook page tonight and the first thing they will zero in on will be ... guess.

Sure, if you scroll the picture you get the heads as well, but the initial effect is somewhat disconcerting.

And that stupid pink bandage sign. I like the original "marriage equality" banner, using the raised fist, designed way back in 2008.

Shows it's Marxist origins much more effectively than the bandage sign.

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John Thayer Jensen said...

A clenched fist seems an odd symbol for uniting :-)


Lucia Maria said...

Yes. That would be why they changed it.

Lucia Maria said...

Actually, the uniting aspect most likely refers to all opposition being crushed in that fist. Probably not a good look.

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