Tuesday, April 30, 2013

ZenTiger In the pockets of the Green Party

The Green Party says critics of its proposals to regulate the electricity sector should declare any financial relationships they have with industry, claiming many are "in the pockets" of power companies (source: Whoar)

If I understand the Greens properly, they are saying that anyone who has some kind of relationship with the power company are "in their pockets" and incapable of expressing their own opinion, and are not to be trusted or given a voice in this debate. A bit like Jeanette Fitzsimmons, when she had shares in wind farms and was involved in government committees and policy setting for electricity companies. Very good point.

Let's broaden it further - anyone who is being bribed by a political party with direct rebates for supporting their plans to control power pricing is obviously in the pocket of that particular political party, and cannot be trusted to express an independent opinion, let alone have the power of the vote.

In this case, in the pockets of the Greens.

Stuff: Conflict of Interest

Declaration: I don't support the asset sales; I don't support the Green/Labour policy alternative and I don't intend to buy shares in MRP when my mortgage needs paying off first and either Labour or the Greens will do their best to wipe the value of those shares. And don't get me started on National. Therefore, I'm one of the few people "allowed" to express an opinion on this.

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