Monday, March 26, 2007

Lucia Michael Cullen may withdraw urgency on S59 Repeal

"It's not important to Labour"

Now, that's not an exact quote, as I can't quite remember what Michael Cullen said, word for word as I was putting dinner on the table at the time, but it looks and sounds like back-pedalling to me.

A spokeperson for Michael Cullen has now confirmed that Labour is now longer seeking urgency on Repeal of S59.

Could it be that Labour has realised this whole issue is sinking them? Look at the poll results which Helen Clark attributes to John Key's "honeymoon period". Ha! More like Labour's disastrous trampling over the parents of NZ causing your average Labour voter to wake up and smell the coffee!
The latest political poll has seen support for Labour slip, while National holds steady nearly ten points ahead.
Now all we need is National to promise to repeal the repeal when they get into power, should Bradford's legislation be passed. Why are they not doing this? Trying to hold the higher moral ground on letting their MPs vote their conscience is not cutting it as it's not going to prevent the legislation from going ahead.

MP's consciences seem to be so out of step with the nation, that it would be best to do away with them altogether. That way parties would have to clearly articulate their positions on social issues, rather than allow party policy to be deathly silent on issues that can dramatically alter what it's like to live in NZ now, and in the future. Because social changes can take ten to twenty years at least for the full effects to be felt.

Anyway, any delay on the Repeal of S59 has to be good.


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mawm said...

Flip - Flop labour.

Float an idea - see what the public reaction is - and then pretend that it was not what they wanted anyway

Berend de Boer said...

Lucyna: Now all we need is National to promise to repeal the repeal when they get into power,

Still the blinders on Lucyna? How often has National promised such a thing the last decade and reneged with every new leader or position?

It will be greeted with a howler from the unbelieving electorate.

Don't give them a chance to flip flop again, so don't ask. They won't repeal it if it gets passed. Social legislation has never been repealed in any socialist country.

Andrei said...

Labour might be getting the message.

Maybe they will belately allow their members a conscience vote, which should (according to my reading of the numbers) see the bill fail to pass.

Redbaiter said...

Berend is perfectly right. Over the years the Nats have used the votes of Conservatives to get to power and has then casually betrayed them.

Enough is enough. Don't vote for these socialist enablers one more time.

Its time for a boycott of National.

Its time to show the power of the internet.

Its time to send the message to National that we won't take any more of their betrayal.

If we can organise an internet based campaign to persuade Conservatives to stop voting for these socialist enablers, it will force National to reconsider their customary weak and conciliatory position- their policy of constantly giving ground to the left.

We can do something, or we can just give them our unconditional support and GET SCREWED AGAIN. Your choice of course.

Lucia Maria said...

Berend and Redbaiter, I know National will not promise to repeal the repeal of S59. Yet I cannot understand why not. It would be an immensely popular move and would easily guarantee an election win for them - so why won't they do it? Is UNICEF and the UN bearing down on them in a big way? Or is the moral high horse they are on right now enough for them and stuff NZ?

When it comes down to it, who are going to vote for to get rid of Labour if not National? There's no way to vote a party out of power - we can only vote someone in.

It's all so depressing.

Anonymous said...

Berend and Redbaiter
If National got into power, they wouldn't have to repeal any changes made to s59 now. All they have to do is pass Chester Burrows amendment. Problem solved - parents happy, sanity prevails.

Redbaiter said...

National's slide to the left is gaining momentum. If nothing is done, it will continue. You can continue to support these people as they continue you to betray you, or you can say enough is enough. Just imagine... imagine if this idea spread thru the internet like a wildfire, and the plan to boycott John Key and the Soviet Socialist Nationals, gained momentum. What would they do??

Its the only way to bring about change.

Just don't vote for them.

Enough is enough.

Lucia Maria said...

But Redbaiter, if no one voted for National, but what about the Labour voters who will most certainly vote for Labour. They'd get in by default that way. Whatever we think about National, Labour are far worse.

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