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Friday night free for all [UPDATE]

Chat time!

Hopefully, later I'll be able to put up a photo or two of our new kitten. He's growing amazingly fast and is quite the tree climber, going much higher than I've ever seen a cat go. I am very much looking forward to when I can put him outside at midnight or at 6am (seems to be very wide awake and playful at those times). Having a new kitten is hard work, though at least he's not climbing the curtains anymore (he's saving himself for the trees outside).

And David Bain's not guilty? How many believe that?

UPDATE: I've uploaded a couple of kitten photos. Click on the continue to see them.

UPDATE 2: I also did the Political Spectrum Test. Again. I was hoping I'd find my last one on this blog, but no, I must have done it more than two years ago the last time. So, here are my results again. Thanks to Crusader Rabbit and Samuel Dennis who inspired me to do the test again.

Looking outside

Attacking the Tas toy

Asleep by the window, has rolled off his cushion.

My Political Views
I am a center-right moderate social authoritarian
Right: 1.19, Authoritarian: 2.99

Political Spectrum Quiz


  1. So, does anyone think Bain should be getting compensation for wrongful imprisonment?

  2. Evening Lucyna ... it was an entirely proper result Dave. I would have thought that all would be happy, initially anyway, that the judicial process had weighed the evidence (previous and new) and was able to deliver a different verdict ... that this, in and of itself was a triumph.

  3. Well, there were enough doubts for me, though I did not follow the case too closely.
    A few mill should shut him up.
    Hopw many years was he inside?
    14 years?
    Don't say we should bill him for food and lodgings?
    Time to move on, I think.

  4. & Ohhh, Lucyna ... you wanted soo much to show off your kittens ... do it now girl ... now ... having 'surfed' what could only be described as so many right wing sickos comments .. now or never.

  5. As I said on Kiwiblog- The cops did not mess the case up. The defence merely exploited a few inconsistencies to make it appear as if they did. The defence's closing address and the pathetic appeal to the jury’s sentiment was appallingly gross.

    This is a complete travesty of justice carried out by knuckle dragging jurors too stupid to judge a cake show.

    David Bain is in my humble opinion a liar, a coward and a murderer. He slandered the dead in the most horrible way, his own kin who died at his hands, to save his useless skin. My disgust at the brain dead jury finding is only exceeded by the disgust I feel towards the odious creep Bain.

  6. As I said on Kiwiblog- The cops did not mess the case up. The defence merely exploited a few inconsistencies to make it appear as if they did. The defence's closing address and the pathetic appeal to the jury’s sentiment was appallingly gross.

    This is a complete travesty of justice carried out by knuckle dragging jurors too stupid to judge a cake show.

    David Bain is in my humble opinion a liar, a coward and a murderer. He slandered the dead in the most horrible way, his own kin who died at his hands, to save his useless skin. My disgust at the brain dead jury finding is only exceeded by the disgust I feel towards the odious creep Bain.

  7. Dunno why that came out twice..

  8. Evening all. Just a quick viait before getting ready for work.
    The kitten sounds like fun Lucyna and we're looking forward to seeing a pic of him.

    Seems to me that Bain may be the beneficiary of a lot of unease out there about a politicised police force and some pretty dodgy convictions, such as the Sounds murders case. And the use of expert witnesses who later turn out to have been not so 'expert' after all, merely mouthpieces for the prosecution.
    And that goes right back to the Crewe murders.

  9. Hi Mojo, Redbaiter, I2, Dave, FFM, BB!

    Kitten photos are coming. I've just got the kids to copy all their photos onto their computer and a transfer is in progress.

    RB, totally agree on Bain.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he kills again sometime in the future. Maybe if family life gets too much for him.

    Makes a mockery of our no 1 peace ranking. We don't jail murderers, we let them go free!

  10. Hi KG, they're coming. I'll just have to decide which ones, next.

  11. Thanks Lucyna. We had a very heavy frost here yesterday morning and the two cats went absolutely nutty when they woke up and went outside. They just loved it!
    Very strange, those two....

  12. The dead deserve justice.

    (Hi Luce)

  13. I believe that David Bain is not guilty because of the presumption of innocence. The court found him not guilty, therefore he is innocent.

    I have not yet read the judicial decision, all I have to go on are the media's snippets and I know enough about the law, having spent years studying it, and enough about the media, to know that there is no way anyone can or should form an opinion over something this serious based on it.

    From what I do know from having read the first case I doubt strongly that Bain will succeed in a compensation case as he definitely had a case to answer, the police were not being litigious or vexatious, and given the compelling nature of the evidence I doubt he will successfully navigate the lower standard of a balance of probabilities that a compensation claim sets.

  14. We had a pretty decent frost here too this morning for Auckland. It wasn't a patch on a Dunedin frost, in that when you walked on the grass the frost simply melted instead of the grass snapping and you could safely walk to your letterbox without fear of slipping, but still very cold.

    We have had to move our poor guinea pig, Pamarello, inside as each morning I have been holding my breath to see if he survived the night. His flatmate died about a month ago so he has no one to snuggle with and I don't want poor Brittany to have to go through that again - she really loves him.

  15. Madeleine, you could always fill a bottle with hot water, wrap it in a towel and put it in his cage.

  16. That's a great idea. Thankyou.

    I don't mind moving him inside at night and putting him back in his outside run during the day but even inside I worry about how cold it is for him. I will go find a bottle now.

    In the mean time I am trying to find him a new flatmate but there is not much on Trade Me that is well priced - I mean, I am not going to pay $40 for a guinea pig or drive for over an hour to pick one up!

  17. Far out I just realised that we are about to have one of our highest hits days ever - everyone's looking for a copy of the Bain judgement.

  18. Hmm.. I'm right now logging into Brookers, the most up to the minute legal service in NZ, to see if it is available yet...

  19. I would say the correct verdict should have been 'Not Proven Guilty'

    Not the same thing as innocent...

  20. Madeleine, are you fattening him for xmas.
    David Bain is the lucky recipient of a poorly executed police investigation.

  21. Ok, kittens photos have been added to the post.

    Oswald, yes, that would be right.

    Hi Madeleine, the first jury found him guilty, now this one finds him not guilty. It's almost like flipping a coin.

    RB, the dead will get justice. Just not of the human kind.

  22. He is legally innocent. There is a difference between that and innocent in the lay sense we use it in.

    Until I read the court case I cannot agree with any of the speculation here. Unless you have actually watched a case unfold and then read the court report or sat in the courtroom thought it you really wouldn't believe how big a contrast there can be between the reality and the media version.

  23. Lucyna I hear you, that's why I want to read this judgement and put it alongside the other one.

    I am right now sitting here with Brookers open and all the previous cases in front of me - if anyone wants a copy let me know or flick me an email m_flannagan at

  24. Madeleine,

    I'm sure he is legally innocent. But would you ever want to be in a room alone with him?

  25. Whoops, my last comment was posted before I read the one posted before mine.

    Ultimately, what's decided me that the man is guilty is his dead hands coming for him comment (prior to the murders) and his eyes. Everything else that I've heard has just reinforced that.

  26. I would want to read the cases before answering that so ask me again in a few days - well actually after my exam because I shouldn't be reading non-exam related cases if I am going to be good... *sigh*

    I did that test, my score: You are a far-right moderate social libertarian. Right: 8.53, Libertarian: 1.57.

    Surprise, surprise.

    Of course like most of those tests it assumes some things are libertarian and some are statist that are in fact not - i.e. abortion, being pro-life is utterly consistent with the harm principle and supporting it is in fact not but I bet the test didn't score that way. Also the marriage and gay marriage and morality questions were annoying. I don't support state regulation of any relationship, I support church/society regulation instead and moral laws? every law is a moral law.

    Ah well, a bit of fun.

  27. KG - Pamarello really loves his warm bottle, he keeps squeaking at it - thanks for that :-)

  28. The defence laboured away trying to create the perception in the minds of the jurors that this case was fouled up by the Police, ( as per Arthur Alan Thomas) and they succeeded.

    It wasn't of course. During the initial investigation and trial it was so obvious that Bain had committed the murders there was no need to expand on very piece of evidence to the nth degree.

    The case was cut and dried in the minds of most people back then, and I guess they never envisaged a retrial so far into the future.

    For me, one major indicator of guilt is Bain's refusal to take the stand and be cross examined. This is not how an innocent person would act.

    I advise anyone not convinced to track down and read Rosemary McLeod's article on Joe Karam. the man had nothing but an obsession.

  29. There are lots of legitimate reasons why innocent people do not take the stand that is why they do not have to and why the law should remain that way.

    Whether Joe Karam had an obsession or not tells us nothing as to what happened that day.

    The only thing people should be reading if they want to be convinced one way or the other are the cases themselves - I have 15 in front of me and that is not counting today's one. What I can tell you having flicked through the reported proceedings from earlier this year and last is that the issue is waaaaaaaaaaay more complicated than the media reported. (Prior to just now I had only ever read the original case)

  30. Cute kitten - what's his name? (can't be worse than 'Pamarello' the guinea pig, 'Noise' and 'Marmite' the cats or 'Trogdor the Burninator' our horse - why my kids can't go with 'Fluffy' or something normal is beyond me)

  31. Madeleine,


    We named him Asterix.

    It was a bit hard to say at first, but I've become used to it.

    He responds to whistling more than his name, but, I've noticed that with my older cats as well. I can call one of them and the other one will come bounding along.

  32. Cute name though I get your point about saying it out loud, your tongue kinda trips over it - its nice though, a good inquisitive cat name.

    I'm off to bed. 'Night all.

  33. Rankin, Budget, Turei, Worth. I had almost forgotten there was a by-election going on in Mt Albert.

    Rankin - I may not disagree with her politics, but a mistake by National purely on her personality. A lesson learned in the early days I hope.

    Budget - well done Bill. Actually as major achievement considering the environment. The tax cuts can wait due to the crisis as long as National remain a party committed to minimising them long term.

    Turei - Greens are currently irrelevant. May they remain so. Bradford can sulk all she likes. I now believe Bradford to be hardworking and affable but despite these virtues, her politics can rot along with her political career.

    Worth - as a supporter of the current govt I can only feel glee at the current turn of events. Key has made the right call and I hope this episode will be over soon with Worth long gone as a MP. The real test will be whether Key takes the same approach in his third term!

  34. A lovely cat, Lucia and yes, he certainly looks as though there's some Bengal in his past.
    One day--when I'm rich--I'll buy a couple of Bengals.


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