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I confess I now believe in manmade Global Warming

There is incontrovertible proof is in this document for all to see.

Yes man made global warming is indeed real and we are slowly beginning to learn the names of the men who made it.


  1. It gets better and better, doesn't it? So NZ's state funded climate scientists were complicit. Are we going to get an investigation into that? Somehow, I think not, unless one of the politicians finds a spine calls for one.

  2. PS, I just fixed up your post. It had a couple of confused fullpost tags that were hiding your last line.

  3. Very nice Andrei.

    Now, if only someone would contact FRST and the Marsden and others who have funded him at NIWA to get him to open all his data. Taxpayer dollars have gone astray through him and he needs some kind of reprimand. Mind you, being an honorary research fellow at Auckland would save him, because plagiarism at the least goes unpunished there.

    Is it possible NIWA was just looking for a chance to get rid of him, and somehow knew of his involvement in this email scandal?


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