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Premature aging and feminist demography?

According to Professor Natalie Jackson of Waikato University feminist demography
views the family as an entity producing the future labour force and taxpayers.
This comes from a story in Stuff this morning: New Zealand hit by premature ageing which discusses the upcoming bulge in the elderly coupled with the loss of working aged people through migration.

Now it has been obvious for many years that we as a people have not been having enough children. New Zealand barely produces enough to replenish its population and most western countries are not even accomplishing that. The shortfalls are being made up by immigration from more fecund but poorer regions.

We have a cultural problem here - the raising of children is a time consuming, expensive proposition and one which might seem to get in the way of an individuals personal aspirations.

And child rearing is something we as a society have lost the taste for which is why we face this issue.

Which is something Feminism has to answer for if you ask me.