Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ZenTiger An apple a day keeps the Aussies at Bay

The 90 year old trade war to sell Apples to the Aussies is over. "We won, you lost. Eat that" as Cullen might say. Except they still might not bother eating them. We now supposedly will be able to sell Apples to Aussies, but they might never get around to buying them. I wait to see if we are pipped at the post.

And Ozy Mandias weighs in with a thoughtful post and highlights a new risk:
I have had the pleasure of going to Aussie about 5 times and would have to say the average Australian is funny, friendly and generally a good bloke. Trouble is that during any of my visits there I have yet to find an average Aussie. Basically their country is like our big brother – loud, arrogant but there if we get into a little trouble.

Deep down my real concern is that it won’t take them long to claim our apples as their own. As New Zealanders we are constantly being ripped off by our neighbours as year after year they take our best and claim it for themselves. From racehorses to food to bands to celebrities they have raped and pillaged the best of our little country and the next thing on their list will be our apples.
Fair point, and then he goes on to provide the top 5 ironic moments the world has seen. Worth a read: Send Aussie our rotten apples.

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KG said...

You're welcome to the apples--we have F18s and Aussie Rules footy. :)

ZenTiger said...

You'd need to be buying apples for F18 bio-fuel then.

I can't do much about Aussie Rules though. No amount of fresh produce will cure that. :-)


In 2004 there was this joke going around:

Q. What has 36 legs and can't climb a ladder?

A. Sydney Swans

Maybe that's why they won the premiership in 2005 and have certainly been playing a bit stronger since then. Go Swans!

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