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Sarah Palin is "Evil"? [Update]

[Update] The last sentence seems to have been removed from below the image now. Thanks to whoever listened to my complaint.

That's right; according to whoever writes the copy over at Yahoo! New Zealand, Sarah Palin is "evil". The screenshot is from an article that appeared today that shows photos of movie stars who resemble each other.
In the comment under Sarah Palin (and Tina Fey, who resembles Palin and plays her on Saturday Night Live), it says -
Poor Tina - there's something painful about resembling someone so evil
Since when has Sarah Palin been "evil"? Perhaps the liberal writer is referring to the stitch-up by the Leftist media in the US who tried to blame the shooting of politician Gabrielle Giffords on Palin, because, well.. they could. They made a story up out of whole cloth based on the flimsiest of reasons, and they still do to this day.

They can't stand Palin because they're afraid of her.

I'd like someone to point out anything Palin has done that is genuinely "evil".
I suppose I really should have pity for the person writing something so painfully ignorant.


  1. Heh, it was there as of posting this. Maybe it was the complaint I sent.

  2. Probably. It's a bad look to have someone's personal agenda end up in the entertainment pages.

  3. They'd probably consider us evil as well.

  4. Fletcher you're awesome, thanks for pointing out this bias apparently coming from the Left.

    Are you on twitter?

  5. You made it big:

  6. Hi guys. Just back tracked to you from Ace of Spades HQ ( and just wanted to say "good catch and good work"


  7. Wow, that was kinda crazy to see when I woke up this morning. It's kind of incredible to see the influence of "new media" and bloggers, but good to know we can make a positive difference. Thanks for the props.

  8. SP is evil
    1- she murdered over a hundreds of wolves from a helicopter.
    2- she would destroy the arctic wilderness for oil
    3- she attends churches that bless people to avoid being inflicted with witch craft.
    4- She is driven by rapture, Reclaiming the seven mountains.
    5- she sets civilization back 200 years.
    6- she is dangerously stupid

  9. ecosutra, thanks for your comment.
    Exactly as I thought; none of the 'reasons' you have listed there make Palin "evil", and some are complete hyperbole, especially your last two points.

  10. ecosutra? wow, you are wrong on all points... instead of believing leftist talking points, perhaps you should go do some research
    1 - some wolves may need culling in Alaska and helicopter might be the only way, what are the laws in Alaska? They cull deer in the suburbs in Illinois, so does that make all Illinois politicians "evil"? NZ cull possums like there is no tomorrow, so are all NZers "evil"?

    2 - Sarah protected the wilderness better than or exactly like most American governors did and do - there is a balance needed between wilderness and growth. The left ALWAYS stops growth, what is with you guys?

    3 - Michelle Obama's mom living in the W.House is the one who practices a religion that includes voodoo. Sarah, along with millions of Americans is a Christian. Why are you afraid of Christianity?

    4 - What the hell are you talking about?

    5 - if you are a NZ "greenie", now THEY really want to set civilization back ... or Muslims... because the 7th century barbarism is such a fun way to live (Sharia! go look it up!)

    6 - you have not provided anything but your sad opinion which just proves YOU are the "stupid" one... Or did you get the "practice Alinsky tactics" memo today? Don't work pal...

    have a lovely day... and be sure to watch "The Undefeated" when its released... Your head might actually explode with an infusion of truth

  11. I just want to address why we are trying to stop growth, but create wealth through a living that takes care of the caring capacity of life systems. Right now America is draining aquifers for corn ethanol in the mid west. The water level is so low, that now if nature had to percolate the water down to where the water level is right now, it would take 300 years to reach this current level. If you go through my Twitter feed and see all the evidence I have found, exponential tipping points are here right now, in Peak oil, Peak water, peak phosphorous. Please look at the climate change die offs in action now. We have to change culture. If you think we can drill baby drill our way into the future, It is a complete lost expectation, and the longer you hold out in your denial and opinions and disregard engineers, then I am dealing with a pattern of global civilization that will yield exactly what is happening now. I know New Zealand has a massive erosion problem. Do you understand the crisis your landscape is in once the energy crisis sets in? You have nothing to hold back the water and reuse it through multiple systems in a natural efficient way which would bring fertilzation, another petroleum input in your life that has no back up system. The die off is uncomprehending. People who feed off of SP energy are acting very inappropriately in this time of great descent in elements.

  12. Do you see the scale of the crisis yet?
    Its not going to transition us to think solar panels on roof tops is going to get us connected to life systems and regenerate the earth to bring it back to balance? We need everyone racing to villages. This time its open source land use for food foresting. No land ownership. Free open range to create the switch grass ethanol nomadic tribes assisting in aid to bridge humans feeding on industrial agriculture.

    We need armies of water capture squads building dams little ones along erosion, down hill. You can only repair earth from top down. Reclaiming will repair.

    The fires can be managed. We have the worst Agro-forestry mono cropping tree farming system, Only 3% of Oregon has its bio diversity left, the rest of the state is a species of 3 trees! And this is why you see in a red apple grove, if one red apple dies all the red apple trees die. If one tree catches fire there is no moisture in the soil from a fungal thick mulch layer of forest growth to hold back fires. Mycelium in the soil creates the fungal moisture which brings more isotopes to bring rain. Humans out on the earth installing this manually rather than waiting for nature to do these things over 100's of years, will accelerate the process and reinstall wilderness in 10 years. But, we live like Red Apples, to get a grove of red apples, you need to first wait and get a red apple tree from a grove of green apples. Once you get one, you need to graft the same red apple tree over and over. This is degenerative over time. Like cloning. All the food is sterile now,not just apples. Everything is hybrid. All dependent on high energy systems that are in decline, and there is no elasticity in the energy market, if we default in August, where is the bridge? We have no more time! This is it. Chaos.

    What if civilization would have gotten their head on straight back in 2006 when I started this journey of discovering innovation. its another world for sure. No one can start connecting the patterns of our festering life? Maybe in the other world where I am from, I would have had a paradigm shift, we are building Permaculutre on a demonstration and you were free living easy making royalties on Algae bio diesel.

    The best thing Industry can do is get with the Government and begin installing the energy designs I have collaborated with. These energy designers are all in California. The appropriate technologies in renewable energy is a small world. Well, I know who the leaders are. They are waiting or getting by with one contract a year. But many people my mentors know are all in a rut for years, waiting for functional connections ever since I started this mission back in 2006.

    Oh and as I write to you hoping you hear me, Guess what the Tea Party has chosen to attack? Localization is under assault by the Tea Party.

    Look here! Transitions and the Post Carbon Institute have been deemed a threat to America.

    If you continue to refuse the cultural shift that I am representing, you give the dark side more room for denial and opinions. Its one thing to accept climate change, its another to accept me. Why is that people?

    2010 Oil Story: Drawing Down the Inventories (Gregor Macdonald)

    Must read. This is the same as withdrawing savings to make up for spending that exceeds one's income. And lo and behold, the following article also cites draining inventories. -- RF

    OPEC says oil supply gap looms later this year (Reuters)

    "OPEC followed this week's failure to reach an output deal with a forecast world oil supplies would begin to fall short later this year, draining inventories just when demand is expected to hit a seasonal peak."

    Synergy with Aug 1 debt ceiling timeline.

  13. New Zealand should be more pissed off than anyone!


    more synergy

  14. ecosutra,

    I don't think reading left wing propaganda qualifies as being educated or knowing anything about the world. You seriously need to turn off the your computer and t.v. Go take a breather. You might blow a gasket and die.

  15. ecosutra needs to do more than that, Fong. Getting two functioning neurons might be a start.
    Scratch that--with a functioning brain the Kool Aid kid would be dangerous rather than merely pitiful.

  16. Love 5) - I guess 200 years ago women were quite common as VPs then?

  17. I don't know much about Palin or American politics in general, but I was impressed that she had a downes syndrome child that she chose not to murder in an abortion clinic. That shows guts and that she has morals. So I like her, especially because I had a downes syndrome uncle, who has since passed away, but I have often reflected that who are we to say that their lives are not worth living. My uncle was happier and more cheerful that I have ever been.


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