Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Andrei What are we educating our children to be?

The Post below this shows in its last picture a highly educated credentialed Greek without a future.

I took my girl to school this morning and I asked, as is my custom, "what have you got first"?

"Photography" she replied.

"And after that"?


Yesterday she wasn't even dressed for school when we went and the reason why? They were going to the beach for the day - I kid you not.

And I wonder, I truly do, why the hell is she still at school?

Her older sisters barely went from the time they hit fifteen and that's a fact. It was hair pulling problem at the time but they have done ok - got degrees and good jobs as they are supposed to do.

They were so over school by the time they left - I hate to admit it but one was actually asked to leave.

And you can see why - they were young women already but trapped in childhood by the Education system.

But you know what the school system did not teach them?

How to form an adult relationship and how to be mothers. Which might be the most important knowledge to have when embarking on adult life.

My kids are smart, perhaps very smart and they will I think find their way and they are doing well but like the vast majority of kids they are going to have to do the things that need doing - which might not correlate exactly with what they might like to be doing.

And there isn't a great call for photographers or actresses in this world of struggle. And the reason why kids do these things at school, at an age where most would be better off working, is that they are easy marks, easy credentials if you will.

But they are for the most part essentially useless in achieving the really important things in life.

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Luna said...

Yes I can't help but agree with this.

The education system we have is a real worry.
Subjects that DO matter are taught in such a dull, bland way and definetly doesn't accomodate those who learn in different ways, let alone those who learn the 'standard' way.

So you end up having these to other subjects such as drama etc...

While I think it is good to have these options the real education is falling short, VERY short.

Youths don't know what to do anymore, boundaries are becoming less and less, information less and less.

Well the list and issues go on and on as you well know.

I think if you can install a love of reading in a child you have won the first half of the battle, my education has been self-taught through a love of reading.

We need to create thinkers, readers, those who question.

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