Sunday, October 5, 2014

ZenTiger Think of the Walruses. Especially the child Walruses.

The headline blared:

"If These 35,000 Walruses Can't Convince You Climate Change Is Real, I Don't Know What to Tell You" [Photographic Proof]

Sounded like a double dog dare, too good to resist. About 3 minutes later, I was done. A blogsite called "Polar Bear Science" produced documented evidence that such events as described in the above scare mongering have been common for hundreds of years. [Not a new thing]

Either way, so what do these people think the appropriate response to reverse the change of climate? The common responses so far are a very small tax applied to New Zealanders (Green Party) to population reduction on a global scale (Green Party) to banning the use of coal (Green Party) to banning the use of coal, gas, oil and nuclear power (Green Party), to car-less days (Green Party) to calling National and Labour evil (Green Party) to paying a lot more tax to a UN funded body that would ensure World Wide Regulations preventing the rich countries from polluting and the poorer countries from improving their standard of living, sometimes called "industrialization and modernization" (Green Party)

Green Party: New campaign slogan "I am the walrus, Goo goo g' joob".

Hattip: Whoar

My apologies for being lazy - I'm not going to bother linking the Green Party policies to my statements. Refute them if you can (or care). However, the bigger question is do you think climate can be controlled by mankind? If so, are the solutions required to be so radical they would knock us back to the stone age, and kill millions? If you think it through, it might be better to plan to adapt to whatever happens.

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Warren Tooley said...

Here's what I'd do, get NZ producing more goods. We produce, farming, and we get money from tourism. If we were to produce more things, this would in itself solve the so called climate change problem. 31% of pollution is caused by international trade. I'm not saying no trade. But I am saying, every time we can produce something, this helps our environment. And why isn't the carbon tax growing our own trees. At least if this was to happen, the money would stay in the country. Or how bout the carbon tax you pay, goes into an account for two years. And if you buy an energy efficient appliance, you can use that money you've put aside. This would actually do something about the problem, and keep the money in the country. The Green's solutions don't solve anything. In fact it raises the cost of living and the cost of business, which makes it more difficult for us to compete with overseas, and that's why we are stuck with dairy and tourism.

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