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Large Protests in Europe and Australia

There are large and continuous protests overseas over the vaccine passport that supposed democratic governments in lockstep seem determined to mandate over the wishes of their populations. 

While as in New Zealand, we are still at the protest over lockdowns stage. This burden has been carried mostly by Brian Tamaki and his congregation, with most of everyone else cowed into submission and compliance.

The above 10 minute clip is of American origin, with the talking heads amazed that the reaction in Europe and Melbourne, Australia, is so severe in comparison to most of the US.  Except for New York, where there are large protests.

They theorise that there is a large segment of American society that wants to be looked after by the government, and therefore are not inclined to protest an erosion of liberal society if that will protect them.

Err, yes, we have that problem here in NZ as well.  Constant messaging from the government of keeping us "safe" resonates with many here.  Makes me want to gag, but then I'm weird that way.

What's disturbing is just how many of these large protests are underreported by the MSM or the reporting is so biased that you'd think the media is the mouthpiece of the government.  This is something I noticed with the reporting on the recent first protest led by Brian Tamaki over Auckland's lockdown.

Where is the converse point of view of those who would explain the unprecedented loss of democratic rights in NZ and where this could lead?  Nowhere to be seen, it appears.


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