Friday, September 21, 2007

Lucia Friday Night Free For All

Chat time.

Has anyone here seen the movie The Pianist, by Roman Polanski? There are scenes in the movie of people continuing on with their lives in the midst of horror that are particularly strange. I'm thinking specifically of the cafe scenes where the hero has been hired to play the piano in a cafe set up in the Warsaw Ghetto (just about everyone was wiped out by the Nazis in 1943).

I don't want to equate NZ of today with Warsaw of the war years, because it's certainly not like that. However, I remember wondering how the people of the time could just listen to music and eat and pretend nothing was wrong. Now I think I know, or at least have some insight. It's not that they are pretending. They are just taking time out from the cold hard reality of the place over which they have absolutely no control.

So, consider this thread a little time out. Democracy is a farce, the steamroller carries on regardless. The current Government and the one to come may seem much of a muchness, but in 100 years their progeny will have disappeared. But our children will live on.

Ok, I'm one of those moods.

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KG said...

Good evening Lucyna.
"Democracy is a farce, the steamroller carries on regardless."
It carries on regardless because most people are too apathetic or ill-informed to do anything about it.

Greg said...

Ah, Roman Polanski. A line in the retribution movie 'Hard Candy' says, "Being outted as a paedophile isn't that bad, you can still recover to have a great career. Just look at Roman Polanski".

Lucia Maria said...

Hi guys!

Kg, yet, during the S59 debate, people were not apathetic. There was a groundswell of support against it - yet, it was still passed. I don't think Key rolling over helped much either, apart from give us the heads up and to which way the man leans.

I would not be surprised if the Electoral Finance Bill passes too.

KG said...

I'm betting the EFB will pass.
At the end of the day, our political masters simply do as they please.

Barnsley Bill said...

I have been checking the fall back in Qland this week. I see things have deteriorated further in my short absence.
1.EFB will be passed as they want it.
2.Labour will buy another three year term.
3.NZ population will fall by 300,000 within one year of labours fourth term.

Anonymous said...

I think it'll pass, but they'll tighten up on the definition of "advertising" and so placate critics.

IS hinted as much - it seems most people are saying that would clear up most of their issues.

Of course, it's just enough to take the edge off the proposals but not enough to make a difference. I'm picking that might have been Labour's strategy from early on.

Barnsley Bill said...

Always ask for more than you actually want. Union 101.

Anonymous said...

Quite, bb.

Oswald Bastable said...

The trouble with democracy is that everyone gets a vote!

Democracy needs to be toned down with a qualifier.

An IQ test, having done military or some kind of public service, being in a paid job. Any of those would work, as the bottom-dwellers would be removed from the equation, tipping the balance away from 'bread & circus' voters.

Barnsley Bill said...

tax payers with a penis would be a good base line for qualification. Further filtering to disqualify anybody who is paid by the govt (excluding armed services and lower ranks of the police force should sort it out quite nicely).
Apologies to Lucyna who I am happy to bestow with an honorary willie.

Andrei said...

An IQ test, having done military or some kind of public service, being in a paid job

Goodness gracious no Oswald, quite unworkable.

The IQ test for example could consist of questions on

(1)Gender issues
(2)Global Warming
(3)History of the socialist movement

The public service requirement could be dodgy to - defining what or what does not consist thereof.

And since about 35% of those who are in paid employment already work for the government, a figure that is constantly rising, they are dependent upon - well the growth of the Government for their future sustainence and prosperity.

What always amuses me is if you look at the current Labour cabinet how non working class they are.

Rather they are an elite who believe they have a divine right to rule, or they would if they believed in God.

KG said...

BB is on to something there. Other than in blogs,and my wife, not one woman I've discussed politics with seems to understand the concept of liberty and individual responsibility.
They seem to think that politics is an extension of being Mummy or something, with a licence to meddle in other people's lives.

Anonymous said...

Lucyna says: "I would not be surprised if the Electoral Finance Bill passes too."

If you are right, there should be a violent revolution.

I.M Fletcher said...

Over at kiwiblog, people have been putting suggestions forward as to what we could do if EFB does pass. One was to have bumper stickers; the cops can't arrest EVERYONE with a bumper sticker. Maybe something that says "Stand Up for Freedom of Speech" .

Another suggestion was to start another political party called something like Freedom of Speech Party - not in order to win, but the name will appear on the voting form to remind people of what Labour has done.

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