Friday, September 28, 2007

Lucia Friday Night Free for All

Chat time!

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ZenTiger said...

Evening one and all. It's been a busy week work-wise, so its nice to sit back and veg out to a curry and a bit of light reading on the blogs.

Perhaps a curry and beer picture for tonight's chat can be found?

fugley said...

Do want a "before" or "after" PIC; i THINK i HAVE BOTH\

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Evening All also. Fugley, you seem to stammer a little over there at tbr. You know, a zillion posts all at once.

Now here gang, is a new subject for discussion, one which, to my knowledge, never berfore has been dissected on the blogosphere.


Do you like to eat fish? All those omega 3 oils and all? Well I do. I could live forever on the bloody stuff.

Have you ever tasted smoked Blue Moki? Out of this world. Did you know Gurnard (No that's not the pinko Pommy newspaper) fillets are the most sweetly dfelicious and under-prices seafood in NZ?

Have you ever boufht a whole Pink Mau Mau and steamed it with a little garlic and ginger?

We don't know how lucky we are.

Oswald Bastable said...

Salmon is my favorite

Andrei said...

Friday night again;

And fishy talk from Adolph?

Fish is good

marinated raw fish
smoked fish
fried fish
cajun black fish
chowder (does that count)
poached fish
baked in foil
or barbequed
battered from the local greasery with chips

Mind you in angling terms I'm a "coarse" feeder and totally unfussy

Greg said...


Bone marrow that is. Roasted.

As to fish, I could live in the Auckland CBD sea-market near the tank-farm.

ZenTiger said...

I enjoy raw fish - Japanese style, and also Fijian style (marinated in lemon juice, soaked in coconut milk with extra bits and pieces).

Another fave was a Thai dish at a favoured place in Sydney - Sole, baked and served whole, coated in sweet chilli sauce and secret herbs and spices. It was delicious.

ZenTiger said...

Fugley, I can picture the "after" a little too vividly, so I think I'll decline your generous offer.

Anonymous said...

Evening all.
Not terribly popular with some, but I'm a sucker for kahawai fillets, fried in butter with just a hint of garlic and a dash of black pepper. Just don't tell the heart specialist about the butter.

mojo said...

Evening all.
Yep, fish is good ... need to get the heavy metals from somewhere ... tarakihi is good, snapper better & groper steaks superb. Went to Stewart Island a while ago tho' Os & got given a huge salmon ... it just lasted too long & breakfast & lunch day after day resulted in being somewhat & enduringly sated ... so pink = not good.
Tough week, has necessitated a good whisky, a substantial tot of to bring about a sufficient sense of week's end.

Oswald Bastable said...

kahawi is seriously underrated

Oswald Bastable said...

Last time I got a salmon, I pickled half of it in vinegar- it lasted quite a while in the fridge.

Anonymous said...

Too true Oswald.

Oswald Bastable said...

Smoked blue cod in a parsley sauce, with slices of boiled egg...

dad4justice said...

One pound of fresh West Coast whitebait , one egg, tablespoon floor and cooked in butter pan , yum, yum and washed down with a cold speights .
Good on ya mate .

Anonymous said...

Evening all. Just looking through some of the submissions on the EFB.

Jeepers, there are some messy ones from the online submission form! Few interesting ones, some real nutcases too.

Noticeable is labour's members' submissions, they're almost the only ones that support the thing explicitly, and they all say the same stuff!

Sorry, were you talking about fish? :)

ZenTiger said...

Fish, things that smell fishy and the scales of justice ...


Good evening everyone.
greetings from the Bay of Islands.
I caught up with Barnsley Bill today in KeriKeri
Delightful lunch, lovely company and the locally-made sauv blanc was preety good.
I'm just having pizza.
As for fish i like terakihi and snapper, plus the raw fishes mentioned above.
Adolf is right about gurnard.
I'm quite partial to trout, which is a shame as you cannot buy it in the NZ shops or in resturants.
Must have some when I have my next trip to the nUK , over Xmas.

ZenTiger said...

Evening Fairfacts (or can we use your name?) The trout problem is easily solved - go fishing! That's got to be one of the advantages of living in NZ for trout lovers.


Evening ZenT
You could be right about fisshing.
Some years back I went fishing off mayor island in the bay of plenty.
lots of lovely orange snapper and terakihi.
we'll keep fairfacts for now.
Hope they don't realise who it is.

ZenTiger said...

Are chimps persons? Saw an article (via Boing Boing I think) where animal rights activists were trying to get a chimp declared a person, to get legal rights and therefore legal protections.

But then, why not stoats and Jack Russell Terriers?

Anonymous said...

Wot, no shellfish?

Mussels cooked in the shell with garlic and butter and saffron and parsley and crusty bread?

Mussels done, er, just about any way.

Summer's coming, so shellfish on shredded lettuce, tomato, cold egg and potato salad, a dressing.

And a shellfish chowder (OK, you can chuck some fishy things in) with chunks of spud and milk, coconut cream or cow cream.. your choice!

And then there's a surf n turf steak to eat sitting on the roof of the old Gisborne Lifesavers Club 100 metres from the water...


Barnsley Bill said...

Deep fried cod in ma Taylors special batter from Fishy taylors fish "restaurant" in Baldock high street circa 1979 is the best buit iof fish I ever ate. Was like angels copulating on my tongue.

Still without a computer and using other peoples is like wiping your bum with the wrong hand. still gets the job done but takes a bit longer.
Hence light blogging until the new super cray arrives next week.
Nice lunch fairfacts and great to meet you.

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