Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lucia WYD Papal Mass - Holy Communion will be kneeling!

Fresh from greeting the Pope upon his arrival, Cardinal Pell was asked this morning by a journalist about how those receiving communion directly from the Pope would do so, when the time came, at the Final Mass during WYD08.

Following on from recent sightings at Vatican events where ‘older postures’ – kneeling to take Holy communion on the tongue – have been adopted, his Eminence replied,

"I think those receiving holy communion will be kneeling."
This is huge! I mean really, it is! Any one who reads this blog and knows me in real life and the problems I've had with my new parish priest will know what this means.

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fugley said...

I don't care if they sit, stand or kneel, as long as someone gets me a couple of wafers - on for PZ Myers and one for Trademe

ZenTiger said...

Fugley, you have a sense of humour like a North Korean prison.

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