Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Andrei Altar update

According to the Otago Daily Times the the Environment Court has issued an order preventing the moving of the Altar from Teschemakers Chapel to the Church of the Holy Name.

An issue I posted on here.

It almost seems as though the courts once held to protect the property rights and freedom of citizens are now being used to suppress those very things.

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Lucia Maria said...

It's a pretty shocking decision, really. Government stealing from the Church with the backing of the people.

I hope that once all the legal processes are successful, that the thieves are made to pay costs and damages.

scrubone said...

Since when did thieves get forced to pay damages when the government was on their side?

And how on earth is the catholic church moving furniture from one site to another an environmental court decision?

Anonymous said...

Well then the chapel should be taken lock, stock and barrel and reconsecrated and used then. I expect everyone who was angry about moving the altar to be there every Sunday for Mass without fail.

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