Monday, August 16, 2010

Andrei Questions have been raised but by whom?

This NZPA story begins
Questions have been raised about whether New Zealand's SAS may have handed over prisoners to an Afghan unit that is believed to use torture.
Now at the very end of the story and unsurprising name appears but he is not creditied with raising the "questions"
Green Party MP Keith Locke said the New Zealand Defence Force had to share responsibility for what happened to insurgents it captured.

He supported the withdrawal of the SAS from Afghanistan.
If not Keith Locke then who? A journalist looking for a story to promote his world view perhaps?

Anyway as they say war is hell and its a binary proposition here, either Afghanistan is abandoned to the Taliban or the effort is made to try and bring civilization to that place.

If the latter course is taken then we will be peripherally be involved in nastyness that we cannot control.

If we leave Afghanistan to the Taliban it will be even nastier for the poor people there.

It's a symptom of living in a fallen and imperfect world, and we can only do our best to get it right.

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KG said...

SAS must be getting soft...out-sourcing what used to be an in-house job. ;)

Redbaiter said...

Yes, good point. That the "journolist" who wrote this failed to identify who was "raising the questions" is proof of a need to hide who that was, and thereby makes the writer's own position clearly partisan.

This is just propaganda from the usual poisonous sources, those cowardly mini-Goebbels who daily betray the craft of journalism to their leftist ideology.

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