Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Andrei Whats the matter with New York?

This is, or to be more accurately was St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Lower Manhattan.

It along with more notable landmarks in that location was destroyed on September the 11th 2001.

And here we are nearly 9 years after that fateful day and the parishioners of this Church are still having to travel to Brooklyn to celebrate the Divine Liturgy because like everything else that was destroyed that day nothing has been done to rebuild. The Parish wants to rebuild but the authorities continue to place obstacles in their way.

I think the terrorists just might have won after all.

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KG said...

"I think the terrorists just might have won after all"

Of course they did. Saudi money still promotes the Wahabbist sect in the West, liberal idiots still refuse to see the danger even as they make more and more concessions to these islamothugs, Western politicians still refuse to name the enemy.

and Christians who believe that forgiveness and turning the other cheek are a legitimate response to islamist terror need to wake up. Urgently.

Canterbury Atheists said...

If you ask me - "it's Gods will"

KG said...

If you ask me, you're a dickhead.

Anonymous said...

If the Roman Catholic church is descended from Rome then it needs to learn the old roman way of dealing with defeat.

Denial denial denial. The ancient Romans simply couldn;t get their heads around the idea that they had been soundly thrashed and kept come back time and again.

They beat Hannibal, they destroyed Spartacus, they got back the three eagles they lost in Teutoberg, hell they occupied Britain and Jeudea and aint no one even tried that since then and pulled it off.

Bottom line, harden up.

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah? 1066 and all that, I think, was well after the last shards of the Roman Empire had turned to dust.

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