Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fletch More Left Wing Bias Reporting by TVNZ

Yesterday, a huge rally took place in Washington organized by Fox anchor Glen Beck, called "Restoring Honor".

A crowd of several hundred thousand conservatives gathered in Washington yesterday to pay tribute to the sacrifice of America’s armed forces and to call for a return to America’s founding principles, in a show of strength that significantly exceeded most expectations. NBC News estimated there were around 300,000 attendees, two hundred thousand more than the 100,000 originally expected, while the event’s organisers put the figure at half a million. Whatever the final figure, this is without doubt one of the biggest rallies Washington has seen in the 21st Century. Even the leading standard bearer of the Left in the US media, The New York Times, admitted that “by any measure it was a large turnout. The crowd stretched from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument.”
So how do you think TVNZ reported it? They concentrated on Beck, showing some old sound bites of him criticizing Obama and calling him racist (which Beck has since apologized for). TVNZ then made much of the fact that Beck was making his speech in the same place that Martin Luther King made his "I have a dream' speech years ago (cue old Black and White clip), inferring a contrast.

What TVNZ didn't say is that King's niece Alveda supported the event, spoke at it, and praised Beck -
"I am attending this rally to help reclaim America," she told "Good Morning America's" Ron Claiborne today from Capitol Hill. "I'm joining Glenn to talk about faith, hope, charity, honor. Those are things that America needs to reclaim. Our children need to remember to love each other how to honor each other, their parents, God and their neighbors. I agree with Glenn on all of those principles. So that's why I'm here. For me it's principles over politics."

TVNZ didn't even mention her or that she was there. Shame on you TVNZ for your highly biased reporting. If King's niece can support Beck and praise him, then who are you to manufacture some kind of conflict between Martin Luther King's original message and Beck's? The conflict was heavily inferred, that is for sure.

Also -
Clarence B. Jones, who served as [Martin Luther] King's personal attorney and his speechwriter, said he believes King would not be offended by Beck's rally but "pleased and honored" that a diverse group of people would come together, almost five decades later, to discuss the future of America.
TVNZ just couldn't stand the fact that so many had turned out and had to put their own spin on it

Spin, spin, spin.

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Seán said...

"and to call for a return to America’s founding principles," of which many conservative are riding roughshod over when it comes to the NY mosque.

KG said...
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KG said...

" of which many conservative are riding roughshod over when it comes to the NY mosque."

What utter crap. Conservatives are not disputing the legal right of somebody to build a mosque close to that site--they're disputing the motives of the people who want to build it.
The proposed mosque is an expression of islamist triumphalism.
(hint for the historically ignorant--the name "Cordoba" is a dead giveaway. Muslims have form where this kind of thing is concerned)

By your reasoning Sean, conservatives should be just fine with being crapped all over after the mass-murder of 3000 people. Their principles demand it, after all.

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