Monday, August 30, 2010

Andrei Frankenstein herald's latest activism

According to the Herald
New Zealand fertility experts are asking whether money could be offered to encourage men and women to donate sperm and eggs for childless couples.

Long waiting lists for fertility treatment mean many New Zealand families seek medical assistance abroad, in conditions doctors say could be substandard.

Fertility experts say the Government should follow the example of Britain, which has made several proposals to encourage donations of egg and sperm.

Why is this a big issue?
The trend towards having babies later in life means the demand for IVF is rising - one in six New Zealand couples have fertility problems, according to the Nurture Foundation.

And of course this leads to victims including the perpetual victim class - the gays.
The waiting list for infertile couples could be a year or more. Some may never get treatment. Gay couples often wait the longest, because of a clause which allows donors to choose where their sperm or eggs end up - some want their donations to go only to heterosexual parents.
My goodness - what is wrong with the concept of marrying and conceiving children in the time honored manner?

If you really want children sacrifices have to be made - this having you cake and rating it approach is not really viable for most and probably not at all in the long term.

The whole concept makes my flesh crawl.

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Oswald Bastable said...

I have developed a no- fail fertility treatment.

Stop working.
Drink, smoke and use drugs.
Have sex in a consequence-free environment with many anonymous partners.
Get your BMI into the Obese range.
Abandon any thought of guilt of conscience.
Reject any work ethic.

Seems to work a charm!

KG said...

Yep. And what's more, the taxpayer will always pick up the tab.

Canterbury Atheists said...

What a cruel person you are Andrei.

Fancy denying a couple the opportunity to have children based on their marital and financial status, age etc - based simply on the fact ‘you don’t like it.’

One moment you lambaste termination of pregnancies and then in the next you want couples denied IVF treatment to conceive – what’s this about?

Then you bring-in gays to ‘poison the well’ and taint everyone who wants to have children.

Sometimes couples can’t have children in the time honoUred way and for you to say “they don’t deserve the opportunity” is sickening to my core and makes my skin crawl.

But then again I’m an atheist and not a Catholic.

Gotta shoot.


Lucia Maria said...


Andrei doesn't just "not like it", he knows just as I know that conceiving children in an artificial way is wrong.

It leads to treating children as a commodity, which is what the Herald article is calling for.

At the very least, all the frozen babies that are being kept that way indefinitely because they are surplus to requirements ought to indicate that all is not well with IVF.

I know these distinctions are too subtle for you to understand, so I don't expect an intelligent reply.

Andrei said...

You don't buy a Family Paul, you build one.

Anonymous said...

"One moment you lambaste termination of pregnancies and then in the next you want couples denied IVF treatment to conceive – what’s this about?"

IVF treatment involves killing embryos. Killing embryos is wrong.

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