Sunday, August 15, 2010

Andrei Trash Culture

This image comes from a singularly interesting and perhaps depressing post, a photo essay of past Americans contrasted with their modern counterparts.

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We may smile at American trash culture but we sure have our own, the Sunday papers are full of a story, two seemly adult people behaving in a distinctly trashy and unadult manner - you can guess the story, I trust, I don't want to give it anymore oxygen than it already has.

We have come to accept this type of poor behaviour from our elites and the papers lap it up, feed it, even promote it.

Whatever happened to leadership by example, where respect was earned?

My goodness we wallow in human degradation, our leaders often exhibit it, celebrities often use it and manipulate it to keep themselves in the public eye and we lap it up courtesy of a shallow media.

Don't we deserve better? Or have we bought this upon ourselves?

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3 comment(s):

KG said...

"Or have we bought this upon ourselves?"
Is this a trick question? Of course we have. Buy buying the trash magazines, watching the trash television shows we've made this very profitable.

KG said...

"By Buying", that is.

ropata said...

Laws on bottom feeding media

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